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Hello All

Glad to see you here it is an honor and we at UChillOut are extremely grateful for your time and effort.

Briefly, I Rod Francis, created UChillOut as a go-to guide for anything that will allow you to live your life to the fullest minus as much stress and anxiety as possible.

We understand that life itself can be hard work sometimes in today’s environment, the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living, by providing you with tools, insights and wisdom from many, many, many years of experience. Our hope is for you to change the chaos and relax more and enjoy the life you live.

Life should be simple yet it’s not easy so if we can help you by providing new insights on how to approach things a little differently it could well be the tweaks you need to shift your life to a much healthier, happy and a higher level of acceptance of who and what you are…

No matter what emotional state you find yourself resonating at the moment understand there’s a higher level of being awaiting you, challenging you, nudging you to open your mind, explore and discover.

At 55 years of age there’s little I haven’t experienced in life, the ups and downs, studied at University level, born Catholic who’s studied the bible, to seeking higher spiritual growth, to meditating a couple of hours a day seeking enlightenment and connection. I’ve explored astrology, yoga and sought to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. I’ve also sought many different ways to supplement the ideal lifestyle which one day I hope to share with those wanting the same…

So come and join us at UChillOut on a journey, a quest to learn and experience more…

Cheers, stay casual and all the best

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