How Long Should You Meditate To See Results?

Daily Meditation For Results

Though wanting to know how long should you meditate to see results is a very reasonable request it may just be the very thing that could hold you back from becoming disciplined enough to make meditation a daily ritual, to form a daily habit that could literally change your life for the better.

If you could only detach yourself from the expectation of what daily meditation can do for you and focus more on just meditating the results will come.

The change could be subtle or the “ah-ha” moment could hit you smack in the face, anytime, anywhere..

Understanding we are all different and we take to things differently should be your very first lesson to beginning to meditate. My experience, my reason “WHY” I meditate could be totally different to you. My ability to focus and become totally immersed in the moment of heightened awareness will differ from your experience, that’s only natural.

How Long Should YOU Meditate to SEE Results?

Creating The Ideal Environment To Meditate

You may choose to meditate solo or may find meditating with others in a group more to your liking. The environment you choose to meditate in could also influence your results, whether it be outside in the wilderness, on a mountain top, by a peaceful scenic beach with the sound of crushing waves, or by a breathtaking waterfall or even to the rhythm of raindrops.

Or you could choose a well ventilated studio with the latest sound stereo at home tailor made for peace and tranquility. Listening to the latest binaural beats technology.

Whatever mood you choose to create for your meditation practice ensure you set yourself up for a win, that is to enable you to consistently practice your meditation daily.

The consistency and the environment you choose to meditate in will determine how long you can meditate for. The longer you meditate the better the final results and the closer you get to achieving your desired results.

Creating the Ideal Environment to Meditate

So How Long Should You Meditate To See Results?

The answer is directly related to how patient are YOU?

Meditation practiced daily will certainly increase your patience…no doubt but initially your level of patience and tolerance levels will determine how long and how often you will meditate.

The longer you meditate and the frequency you meditate the better..

Meditation As A Tool

Understanding that meditation is a tool a technique that has lasted the test of time with many variations to its application so first finding the right variation or technique that best suits you takes time and patience. As does the position or posture you decide to conduct your meditation with, are you going to use modern technology and listen to sounds, music or be guided through with an experienced meditator?

Yes the choices are many, they are also confusing and frustrating unknowing whether the eventual time and effort is worth the hidden benefits so early in your meditation life.

Honestly, the true benefits of meditation comes from your consistent daily efforts, and the longer you meditate for each session and the duration of your meditation during that session will produce the greatest results.

Facts About How Long To Meditate

True the studies show even a few quick minutes can give you some benefits but ultimately, the true and grandeur effects of meditation comes from consistent daily practice for as long as you can continue the habit of doing…

It should become a lifestyle you enjoy and not a chore you do…

That is the trick, the secret to meditation, yet it is the most difficult to uphold considering the hectic life we live today of trying to get things done…

Consistency Is The Secret To Seeing The Best Results With Meditation

Consistency of meditating daily is what that affords you the BEST results from your meditations.   

My belief is if you are asking the question of how long should you meditate to see results or researching the subject than you have doubts or you lack the belief, the commitment, the faith to take meditation on seriously.

Please do not look to meditating as a quick phase or fad to get what you want than…

Than what?


My aim is to convince you of the benefits to incorporate meditation into your life forever. This is the purpose of the UChillOut website. This what I want for you..

Consistency is the Secret to Getting Results With Meditation

The Traps Of Results Oriented Meditation

Look I’ll be honest with you meditation can be life changing it can transform you into a living warrior, attract the things you want and desire but patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to meditating.

That’s not to say you won’t notice any change or enjoy any benefits for your efforts sooner rather than later. I’m just trying to downplay a results oriented outlook.

A results oriented outlook can lead to misguided expectations. Set the bar too high initially and disappointment will lead to frustration which could determine how often you meditate, how long you meditate or if you meditate at all.

It’s a trap you need to avoid at all cost. So the objective is to stay real, just “do it” and let the process of meditating take care of the rest. I guess what I’m saying is to have faith, trust that your efforts will be acknowledged and you will be that much closer towards the outcome you want and desire.

Know Your Objective For Meditation From The Beginning

Now my thinking is your objective for meditating in the first place is for a happier more fulfilling lifestyle?

It doesn’t matter what the specifics are understanding the ultimate aim for each and every living thing is to experience…for humans it’s the experience of life. Through experience we learn and we grow its how we evolve as individuals, as a species as a universal energy…

Meditating long enough often enough gets you closer to connecting to the ultimate experience – the oneness with the source…

God, Allah, Shiva, Buddha call it what you like…

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