The Purpose Of Meditation For Beginners

The Purpose For Learning How To Meditate

If you were to ask anyone beginning to learn how to meditate what their prime reason for doing so, their purpose for meditating I’m sure they would answer you with one of the following.

Meditation is seen to provide the answers or solutions to the problem of adequately meeting three particular needs…

1/ Stress management;

2/ Self management of disease; and

3/ Personal and/or spiritual development.

By wanting to begin learning how to meditate you are already joining a tribe of many…many!!! Those like you are attracted towards meditation because it’s common knowledge that people who meditate consistently appear to have an “x-factor” about them…something special in their lives.

Regular meditators are recognised by their efficiency in all areas of their lives. Some enjoy good health, others can beat major illnesses.

Their secret???

These people know the many, many, many benefits from experiencing a still mind through meditation.

Their smiles radiate like beacons that originate from deep within, they are happy go lucky folks, with little confusion, frustration or anger in their lives.

Happiness is the source of healthiness, learning how to meditate provides you with the means to such happiness.

Why Would You Want To Start Meditating

Has stress pushed you to the edge?

Life itself getting the better of you in the most unimaginable way?

Is it the lack of whatever that’s beating you up?

Are just fed up of being you?

Do you feel like there’s an empty space within that’s not being satisfied?

Do you believe there’s more to life than just existing?

Are you not physically and/or mentally sound?

Whatever “IT” is…is it pushing you you to the brink?

This is where learning how to meditate can really help you rid yourself of the confusion, the frustration and the anger.

Take some time out, relax physically, be still inwardly, get some clarity and learn how to meditate.

So What Is Meditation

First let me put this to rest, meditation is whatever you want it to be, it means many things to many people.

Essentially meditation is a process intended to lead to a direct experience of a higher level of consciousness.

You can meditate in many different ways, style and types…

Meditation is a journey to wherever your destiny of choice.

So What Is The Purpose Of Meditation

Traditionally, meditation was used as a tool for spiritual growth. Today meditation is looked upon as a “health promoting tool”. Meditation as its most simplest form is an ideal stress management technique, helping the body to maintain, repair and heal itself.

Meditation has three main components each having its own reason and purpose with its own set of techniques.

Meditation can be used as a conduit to health, insight and creativity.

Now let’s take a closer look at each one individually…

Health Meditation For Beginners

Your body in its natural state of balance has this amazing capacity, this innate ability to repair itself. In its natural state, a healthy state your body’s chemistry processes and systems function together dynamically to create its own equilibrium.

Your body’s hormones, its blood flow, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tone, skin reflection, breathing capacity, nervous system, amongst a few are in a position to maintain and sustain good health and order.

Your body can repair as well as battle against infections and other diseases under the most extreme environments and situations.

Your body’s immune system is its ability to self-heal, to self regulate and is only able to function at optimal if your body’s chemistry is in its normal state of balance. A normal state of balance means good health.

However, when your immune system is out of whack, your body is unable to maintain and repair itself, losing its ability to self-regulate.

Stress will cause your body to shift its equilibrium away from its normal, natural, internal chemical balanced state.  

Stress plays havoc on your immune system thus subjecting your body to a possible attack from disease.

Health meditation helps you combat the effects of stress by putting your body into a profound state of relaxation physically and mentally. In this relaxed state, a body whose internal chemistry has been unbalanced by stress, has a fighting chance to regain that natural balance.

Health Meditation creates and develops a fitting internal state, balances your body’s chemistry, so your immune can operate at optimal.

Thus health meditation can be referred to as the ideal “relaxation response”, a form of deep relaxation which very quickly and with a high degree of reliability, brings immediate physical and psychological benefits.

The relaxation response can lead you into a deeper mental stillness, an altered mystical state of consciousness.   

A state not so easily describe but one you need to experience, nor is it a state you will automatically reach just by practising meditation. It is a place, a state, a moment of connection that you will know it when you feel it…

Those with patience, motivation and perseverance will reap the benefits beyond description in so many profound and subtle ways. Especially taking your general health and well-being to a whole new level and dimension.

Insight Meditation For Beginners

This type of meditation is where you dig deep with for the answers to the real YOU!!!

Insight meditation is about analysing what is true to you. Who you are, what you are and where you are headed in life. It explores your opinions, your thoughts, your attitudes your beliefs, your morals and your ethics.

It allows you to explore the meaning of life…to you.

Note though that this same deep thinking into the delicate questions of life and what it offers can be achieved on an intellectual level.  

How you ask…

Taking the time to give things some deep, deep, deep thought…the art of deep thinking!

Insight meditation just takes things to a whole new level, a different dimension that needs to be experienced to be believed.

I know it sounds all too far fetched to believe and it’s easily said than done or achieved.

Insight meditation can add profound insight giving you amazing clarity, a sense of being and certainty of “what is”.

It gives you insight into what your future direction should be…

The question remains…are you interested in such profound benefits to such meditation?

If the answer is yes than prepare yourself for some effort, hard work and an abundance of patience.

According to Dr. Ian Gawler “Peace of Mind” Insight Meditation’s methods are based on a five-step process that invariably begins with learning how to concentrate selectively.

“To be able to hold the attention on one particular thing and to exclude distractions”

Selective concentration known as “mindfulness” to many exponents of the art of meditation.

Mindfulness the ability of your mind to hold its attention on what it chooses without forgetting it or wandering off on to other things…Gawler calls it a state of discriminating alertness.

He continues to explain that in this state of mindfulness you have the quality of being a very alert, impartial OBSERVER.

As an outsider looking in you become impartial to who and what you are allowing you a better insight into the real you. It helps you to break free of old habits, old beliefs, old deliberating habits. Paving the way to exploring untouched layers of who you could be and would like to be.

As an outsider looking in affords you the ability to impartially observe each new experience, situation, moment in your life from a fresher perspective, free from past conditioning.

Mindfulness meditation teaches you to to act consciously rather than to react subconsciously. A practice of personal discovery, an opportunity to look yourself in the mirror and loving what and who you see in the reflection.

If you are dedicated enough and you put in the effort required you attain states of higher consciousness.

Creative Meditation For Beginners

This type of meditation practice gives you the chance to consciously use the power of your mind. The power of thought can create your experiences, your destiny and the life you yearn for and truly deserve.

You are what you think…there’s certainly no doubting it.

Creative meditation is a means of fully utilising your brains power, By understanding how the mind works and how it can work consciously. Because we react to situations unconsciously due to the habitual way our minds become wired to doing things.

In most cases we are totally fed up with these old habits and are forever searching ways to change these old habits into more productive ways of doing things.

What is the Purpose of Meditation


Anything worthwhile takes effort, time and patience to get your full dues. Perseverance whilst keeping meditation simple…

Not easy…just simple.

Meditation is the truest self-help technique available to all of us and the cost to you is, time, effort and perseverance.

Meditation is where you begin your growth from within and it’s your experience and no one else’s.

Health meditation provides your body a very good means of regaining balance. An efficient, active and robust state.

Creative meditation assists you to function more effectively and efficiently in the world today as we evolve with it. Creative meditation assists you to set specific goals and to achieve them, it gives you clarity and inspiration to be better to do better.

Insight meditation teaches you to concentrate and to become an observer. It helps you to become more aware of what’s real in your life, to be mindful and to live more in the moment rather than the past and stressing of the future that may never eventuate. This allows you to better experience life and to leads to more “ah-ha” moments that can transform your life…

The benefits of meditation will be a reflection of your experience, your efforts…you are in control.

Meditation is a path you must travel yourself.

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